Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Palawan Adventure: Day 2 DIY Honda Bay Tour (August 14, 2012)

Day 2 in Palawan: Early the next morning, we had our DIY Honda Bay tour. 
DIY is cheaper compared to a package tour. We rode a tricycle from the hotel to the port where we will ride the boat for the tour but before that, we stopped by the local market to buy our food.

Fresh Tuna
The seafoods found in the market were very fresh and cheap. We bought 1 whole Tuna, Liempo and other things like softdrinks, cups etc. Good thing that the tricycle driver that we contracted for the trip already brought with him cooked rice, cooking utensils and plates that we can use. Thanks kuya ^_^

When we reached the port, we just paid the necessary fees and we're off!

The initial plan was to go to these islands: Snake Island, Pandan Island, Starfish Island and Luli Island. But we were told that Snake Island has long been closed for maintenance so we decided to start off with Pandan Island and end the trip to Luli Island since Luli Island is the nearest island back to the port. We also didn't push through with Starfish island. I forgot the reason why hehehe.

Pandan Island from afar

I'm a Beach loving person so I really love this trip. Pandan Island was truly captivating and the sand is as fine as the one you see in Boracay.

The boatman was kind enough to take our pictures and to take some underwater pictures for souvenir. Good thing my friend has an underwater camera. Photos below are from my good friend Nicole Cordero.

We stayed a bit longer in Pandan Island since we all fell in love with the place. The boatmen already cooked the meal for us while we're swimming. So when lunch time came, we just hurried back to shore to eat. The cooked food was plenty so we shared it with the boatmen...We got hungry from all the swimming and picture taking =p

After a few more hours, we transferred to Luli Island. When we came to Luli, it was already low tide but it gave us a better opportunity to get closer to the corals to take some more pictures =) 
(Some Photos courtesy of Nicole Cordero)

Kid in Luli Island
Luli Island

Me with the fishes
It is also in Luli Island where I got to face my fear: The fear of the Diving Board.

Dare to jump?

My unforgettable 4M deep jump

 Whenever I do something which is a bit daring, I always remember the song title by Arkarna - "Life is Free" only live once, might as well do it  =)

After Luli Island, we decided to go back to Puerto Princesa for our DIY City tour which will be on my next post.

The details of our expenses for our DIY Honda Bay tour was posted by Ate Naan, a good friend of mine who is with me on the tour and has her own blog (She was the one who managed our expenses hehehe). Check this link for further information:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Palawan Adventure: Day 1 (August 13, 2012)

Last August, me and my friends went to Palawan for a 3 days, 2 nights vacation. That was my first time to be in Palawan and I really enjoyed the trip.

Palawan's Underground River Entrance
We arrived at the Puerto Princesa airport at around 9am on August 13, 2012 (Monday) via Airphil Express and we were picked up from the airport by the Go Hotel Shuttle. 
The Go Hotel is not far from the airport and we arrived not later than 30 minutes.

Go Hotel Puerto Princesa. I like this better than the one here in Mandaluyong =p

I also took the liberty of photographing the schedule of the hotel's shuttle service schedules so if in case you will be planning to check in at Go Hotel Puerto Princesa, you already have an idea =) 
Check out Go Hotels Website for further information.

After settling ourselves in, we went straight to our first itinerary - The Underground River. Let me just remind you that going to the Underground River site is not an easy one. We were picked up by a van from a travelling agency which we have arranged before our trip and we were advised that the travel time to Sabang is going to take 1 to 2 hours and it's going to be very rough and bumpy and you know what? They are right - It was really bumpy and I felt sick to my stomach after the ride. We had a quick lunch in Sabang before riding the wharf that would take us to the Underground River.

Sabang Buffet Lunch (Photo Courtesy of Nicole Cordero)
Sabang Port (waiting for the Wharf)

The island, where the Underground river is.

Monkeys in the island roam freely so we were advised to keep food, water bottles or plastic bags out of sight because most definitely, the monkeys will snatch it from you.

Took a few more shots before walking down the trail that will lead us to the Underground River.

The Trail

Hailed as one of the New Seven Wonder's of Nature, the Underground River is a sight to behold. The tour inside the Underground River lasted for about an hour. The vast and different Stalactite and Stalagmite formations inside the cave was truly magnificent! Definitely a true "Wonder of Nature."

Protective Helmet and Life Jacket -On! Ready to roll!
You will be advised not to open your mouth while inside the cave because bat droppings might fall in your mouth...Not a good plan hehehe =p

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures inside the cave because I was the "light man" of our boat. 
I was the one carrying the big flashlight to light our path and to point the light to the different stalactites and stalagmites. I'm like the Tour Guide's assistant =p. The photos below are courtesy of my good friend Nicole Cordero.
Bats inside the cave. Watch out for their droppings hehehe
I think they call this the "Corn Cob"

As we exit the cave
One last shot before leaving
It was already late afternoon when we got back to the hotel and we were starving! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant, a recommendation of my friend Cecile. That was the only time I found out that there's a sprawl of Vietnamese restaurants in Palawan due to the fact that a lot of Vietnamese settled in the island when the communist took over in Vietnam.

We rode a tricycle to reach the restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, we paid Php100 (Php20 each) - one way for the fare. I think it was ok since it was a bit far from the hotel. 

I got the Beef Stew with noodles paired with French Bread with Chicken - delish!!

Before heading back to the hotel, we went to Kahlui, a famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa to make our reservations because we planned to have our next dinner there. More about Kahlui restaurant on my next post: Day 2 in Palawan. Till then ^_^

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Average Juanderer Update


I hope you have enjoyed my last post about my Singapore adventure.
I'm happy to inform you that I'll be back again to Singapore and my flight is tomorrow early morning ^_^

This time I'm with my friends and this will include a one day express trip to Kuala Lumpur so on my future posts, I might include some information regarding the food and attractions we can find there.

Plus, We will go to places that I wasn't able to go back then like Little India and Clark Quay and this time I will experience the Transformers attraction at Universal Studios Singapore and the Sentosa Light Show (We already bought our tickets! Yey!)

So I hope you'll look forward to that. Thank you and till here Uncles and Aunties ^_^

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Average Juan'derer' invades Singapore!! Day 3 - Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore, Airport boo boo

This post is about our last day in Singapore (awww..sad) so for our last day, we planned to wander around Sentosa Island and visit the famous Universal Studios Singapore (Yippe!!).

Did You Know: The Average Juanderer has never been to Enchanted Kingdom!! (Anyone kind enough to tour him there? =p)

Kuya ran out of Singapore Dollars so he left early the next morning to exchange some currencies. We agreed to go to Sentosa at around noon. While he was gone, I took the privilege of eating some good breakfast (free breakfast included) and to stay and just chill at the hostel (and was hoping to meet some new friends ^_^).

We stayed at Beary Nice! Hostel on Smith Street in Chinatown. True to it's name, the lobby and the recreation area looks very nice and has a lot of cuddly bears on display. You can find some nice hostels in Singapore at

Beary Nice! Hostel's Reception Area

The Living/Recreation Room (They have some nice DVD's available)
Catching up on my emails. The hostel has free wi-fi and netbooks for use.

It was already around noon when we got to Sentosa Island. There's a lot of options to choose from on how you're going to get to the reclaimed land. You can check your options here.
In our case, we rode the Sentosa Express which is located at the 3rd Level of VivoCity. As I have mentioned in my previous post, you can use the Singapore EZ card for payment. Ticket price: $3.50.

When we went to Universal Studios Singapore, it was a Non-peak day so we only paid $68/person. The ticket price varies depending if it's Peak or Non-Peak day (Obviously, peak season means higher ticket price). To check their calendar click here. Here's the link for their Ticket prices

Universal Studios Singapore is a lot of Fun! No, I should say Tons of Fun!! (hehehe). It's like being a kid all over again.

Ogre?!! Afraid!!
With Mr. Franky...Ang Angas! hehe
Madagascar Ride - You're in for a Splash!...Did I just say Splash?..
Transformers!! Unfortunately, it was still in construction at that time =(

After exhausting ourselves from all the rides and attractions that USS has to offer, we decided to explore the rest of the island. Sentosa Island, as they call it, is Asia's Favorite Playground and I must say, it's a vast playground! hehehe. Don't think that USS is the only attraction that Sentosa has, there's a lot of other things to do so I would advise you to get a Sentosa Island flyer so you can have a clear idea of what to do in the island. You can also check their website here.

As for us, we decided to go to Palawan Beach (Yup! You heard me right. They have a beach called Palawan) to have a good walk (as if we haven't had enough of walking LOL) Good thing there's a bus going around the island so be sure to catch it!

Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island
We returned to the Mainland at around 5pm because we have to catch up with the stores to buy 'pasalubong'. Our flight is around midnight (0040H to be exact) so we planned to eat dinner at Chinatown which is the area that were at and just stay at the hostel before our flight back home.

Buying 'Pasalubong' while taking picture with the Malay saleslady
My last meal in SG. I bought this in Chinatown and it's $6 - Very good, I can still remember the taste.

Remember I mentioned in my SG Day 1 post that I failed with the Singapore Pass Card? Hehehe!

Stupid me, After going all through the immigration process, I was so excited to explore Singapore that I forgot all about the pass card. When we got to the airport at around 10pm, I carelessly slid the pass card to my checked in baggage (Uh-Oh!)
By the time that I was interviewed by the immigration officer, the officer was asking for my pass card. That was the only time I remembered everything about it. I apologized and said that I stupidly placed it in my checked in bag. The lady was kind enough to instruct me to go to a counter far from my right. I hurriedly went to the counter and at the counter, a big Asian woman was sitting
(Imagine an Asian version of Big Bertha with a strong English accent...hehe pretty scary =P)

Our conversation went something like this:

IO: "What is your problem?"

Me: "The lady ask me to go here because I can't present my Pass Card"

IO: "Where is your Pass Card?!"

Me: "I stupidly placed it in my Checked in Baggage...Sorry"

Lady, No response and gave me a pen and a form

Me: ?.......... (aimlessly looking at the form, while staring back at her)

IO: (With a demanding look) "Well don't just stand there?! Fill up the form! Why? Do you want me to fill up the form for you?!!"

Me: (Frightened yet apologetic) "Oh! Ok, I'm sorry..."

Hehehe it was one heck of an experience but anyway, it's my fault so lesson learned:

So that's about it! That concludes my first out of the country adventure. The entire trip was memorable and I really had fun. Singapore is a nice and clean city and my favorite part of the trip: Food!! ^_^
So who knows, I might just go back any time soon ;)